Kuln Stormhorn

Kuln Stormhorn
Level 4 Warden

Init +2    Speed 6    PP 15  PI 15

STR: 17 +3 +5    DEX:  8 -1 +1    WIS: 16 +3 +5
CON: 17 +3 +5    INT: 10 -- +2    CHA: 13 +1 +3

AC:   19 (+5 con + 4 magic hide)
Fort: 16 (+5 con + 1 class)
Ref:  12 (+2 int)
Will: 16 (+5 wis + 1 class) 

HP 59  bloodied 29
Surges 14 for 14HP

Melee basic:  Totem   +9 2d6+4
Ranged basic: Javelin +7 1d6+3

Racial Features:

Class Features:
Nature's Wrath
  Once per turn as a free action mark all adj enemies
  until the end of my next turn

Font of Life:
  Make a saving throw a the start of my turn against
  one effect to prevent it from affecting me this turn

Earthstrength Guardian Might:
  Gain con bonus to AC instead of dex.   When I second
  wind I gain additional con bonus to AC.

At Will Powers
Thorn Strike (standard action)
  weapon v. AC, 1W+str
  Melee 2
  Hit: pull target one square

Strength of Stone (standard action)
  weapon v. AC, 1W+str
  Hit: gain 3 (con) temp HP

Warden's Grasp (immediate reaction)
  Trigger: marked enemy
  Close Burst 5
  Effect: slide target 1 square, is slowed and
    cannot shift until the end of its turn

Warden's Fury (immediate interrupt)
  Trigger: marked enemy
  weapon v. Fort, 1W+str
  Hit: target grants combat advantage until the
    end of my next turn

Encounter Powers
Warstomp (standard action)
  +7 (con+2) v. Ref, 1d6+3 (con) thunder
  Close Burst 1
  Hit: target dazed until the end of my next turn

Thunder Bull Assault (standard action)
  weapon v. AC, 1W+str thunder
  Hit push target 3 (con) squares, and secondary
    +5 (str) v. Fort, 1d6 thunder
    Close Blast 3
    Hit: push target 1 square

Mountain Lion Step (minor)
  Utility, Personal
  Effect: ignore difficult terrain until end of turn

Earthgrasp Strike (standard)
  weapon v. AC, 1W+str
  Hit: Knock target prone, can't stand up until the end of my
    next turn, and when it does takes 1d10+3 (str)

Daily Powers
Form of the Fearsome Bull (minor)
  Personal, Polymoprh
  Effect: +2 power bonus to speed and charge attacks, and
    push a target 1 square with at will powers, and
    use secondary attack as an encounter power
  Secondary (standard)
    Effect: before attack, shift speed
    weapon v. Fort, 2W+str
    Melee, Polymorph
    Hit: push target 3 square and knock it prone, and
      shift adj. to it
    Miss: half damage, push 1 square and shift into
      the space it left

Magic Items:
Totem of Storms +1 (free)
  Trigger: use a thunder or lightning power
  Effect: after power, deal 1d8 lightning in close blast 3

Delver's Hide +1 (no action)
  Effect: after a save, add +2

Skills (+2 nature, intimidate)
no check penalty    -1 check
+2 Arcana           -- Acrobatics
+3 Bluff            +9 Athletics*
+3 Diplomacy        +9 Endurance*
+5 Dungeoneering    -- Stealth
+10 Heal*           -- Thievery
+2 History
+5 Insight
+5 Intimidate
+12 Nature*
+5 Perception
+2 Religion
+2 Streetwise

Weapon Expertise (Totem)
Empowered War Stomp

Totem of Storms +1, Delver's Hide +1
Carving Knife, 4 Javelins, Adventure's Kit

Kuln Stormhorn

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